NVS Digital Editions contain the complete text of each play along with a full collation of textual notes from the earliest editions to the present, including extensive previous commentary.

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Editors: Robert Kean Turner, Virginia Westling Haas

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream (1600)

Editors: Judith M. Kennedy and Richard Kennedy, with Susan May, Roberta Barker, David Nicol

Comedy of Errors
Coming soon*

The Comedy of Errors (1623)

Editor: Standish Henning

King Lear
Coming soon*

King Lear (1608)

Editors: Richard Knowles, Kevin Donovan, with Paula Glatzer

Merry Wives of Windsor
In production*

Merry Wives of Windsor (1623)

Editor: Michael Steppat

Julius Caesar
In production*

Julius Caesar (1623)

Editor: M. L. Stapleton

The Tempest
In production*

The Tempest (1623)

Editor: Ian De Jong

Richard III
In production*

Richard The Third (1623)

Editors: Lara Hansen, Mark Farnsworth

*Production status: print editions of The Comedy of Errors and King Lear can be obtained from the MLA website.